The engineering machine shop is, for Craster, another source of pride owing to the satisfaction our customers have derived from the work done here. The key driving motto for the engineering machine shop is “Get it right the first time.” In this way, we are able to keep the costs of our work low, much to the appreciation of our customers.

In pursuance of our motto for the machine shop, Craster has put together a team of professionally trained and occupationally experienced artisans. This, plus an array of machinery capable of working any metal job from a 1mm O/D pin to a 15 tonne sugar roll shell, has established us in the number one position of the engineering services industry.

The Craster engineering machine shop boosts of:

  • 9 heavy duty machines including a 9 metre-bed Centre Lathe with a two metre swing and a 5 metre swing Centre Lathe with a 6 metre bed.
  • 8 medium size machines
  • 14 light weight machines for precision machining

On these 30 machines, almost any engineering work can be performed – machining, boring, drilling, hydraulic pressing, shaping, milling, planning, slotting – anything! You name it we can do it, and professionally.

Craster has the capacity to fabricate and assemble any engineering equipment to customer’s specifications. From the smallest sub-assemblies to complete large scale units such as ball mills, rotary driers, stamp mill boxes and many other engineering items for the heavy industrial and mining companies. Our confidence lies in the fact that we have the right personnel backed by years of experience in this regard.

The need to normalize and stress-relief cast and/or welded items require that we have our own heat treatment facilities. To this end, Craster has one of the best heat treatment ovens capable of annealing, normalizing, pre-heating and post heating cast, fabricated and welded components of up to 6m long, 1.5m high and 2.8m wide.

Furthermore, because of the accuracy in the degree of heat administered to various components, we have installed a computerized 12 point versa-print recorder. This equipment enables us to make the necessary records for every operation available to the customer for future use.

Depending on the degree of the damage to be repaired, Craster is capable of refurbishing a sugar mill roll in about three weeks and manufacture a new one, lock-stock-and-barrel, in five to six weeks.